About us!


Hello! Welcome to Sprouting YUMMINESS – a child and family food blog, sharing healthy, home cooked food ideas and general food philosophies to help us mums, dads and other carers give our little people the best start.

I’ve been interested in ‘clean’ eating all my adult life – I enjoy cooking pure, nutrient rich food for me and my hubby and spend my (limited!) free time following health food blogs, reading health books and browsing health food stores. Intrigued about how food, drink and lifestyle can affect our everyday, I enrolled on a nutritional therapy degree. This really opened my eyes to the direct effect of what we EAT, DRINK and DO has on US, our mood, weight, digestion, energy, fitness and aging… Then, in 2014, I became a mum…

It’s a cliché but being a mum is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world! We are completely responsible for ‘growing’ our little bundles. Having read several mainstream weaning books it occurred to me that these books are a little behind the times in terms of what is ‘healthy’ for our children. Establishing our children on toast and cereal for breakfast, feeding them diluted juice to make water taste more interesting and giving pasta as an everyday staple is very 1980’s. These things are fine for treats but why not make every day as unprocessed and clean as possible?

Now a mum of 3 I invest what free time I have in developing healthy home cooked food ideas to feed our little ones rapidly developing brains, to strengthen their sensitive immune systems, to support their bone formation, to grow their muscle cells, to help build an ideal digestive system and to develop their immature nervous systems… ultimately helping them to thrive… and that is how this little hobby came about!

Our general philosophy is “Eat real food, a little meat*, but mostly plants.” If this is your bag then please stick around. I hope you enjoy the blog and this helps you to incorporate some Sprouting YUMMINESS into your families life every day!

*by meat I mean good quality meat, fish and eggs.


3 thoughts on “About us!

  1. What a brillant idea for a blog. My little one Léo is just starting on solids an it is an incredible hit and miss adventure. Looking forward to having a bit more of a browse through your sight when I get the time.


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